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Your organization is unique.  Your people are your competitive advantage.  Optimize the intersection of organizational strategy and talent capability via bespoke leadership strategies and solutions designed for you.  Listening first to understand your needs, Bill will bring insights and offer solutions informed by global experiences across a diverse range of organization types, sizes and markets.


Don’t settle for a hammer looking for a nail.  That solicitation for an off-the-shelf solution that showed up in your inbox may be someone elses best practice but could end up being your worst nightmare.  You deserve a solution that gets to root cause and makes a sustained impact.


Solutions designed for you are derived from success in a wide variety of markets, industries, and business strucutres, backed by an advanced degree and multiple certifications.  Credibility via experiences from the shop floor to the Boardroom informs professional and pragmatic Optimized Talent Strategies’ approach to your unique challenges.


Chief Executives and Boards have counted on absolute confidentiality and discretion exercised by Optimized Talent Strategies to guide the most sensitive acquisitions, divestitures, strategy and structure changes as well as executive leadership coaching.

Results matter

Whether you are a Global organization or regional entity, high-tech start-up or advanced manufacturing, in medical equipment or consumer brands, professional services or social services, privately held, publicly traded, PE backed or partnership, Optimized Talent Strategies has experience in your market and will understand your business model, connecting the dots between proposed solutions and business success.


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Bill Kellner


Bill brings the foundation of a Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and 30 years of experience in HR and Talent Executive leadership. Experiences further honed as CEO of a global Human Capital Consulting firm, Bill will seek to understand your context and your challenges.

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What I Do Best

Talent Strategy

Do you have established objectives that align performance management, emerging leader identification, leader development and succession management inputs and outcomes to your current and future business outcomes?

Leadership Development

Do your Leaders have a clear understanding of both the “what” and the “how” of good Leadership in your organization?  Are they supported to develop the capabilities required to do so?

Performance Management

Are you measuring what matters and does it optimize individual engagement, growth and reward in parallel with organizational success?  Does it enable you to tap into your employees own self-motivation to succeed?

HR Function Design

Is your HR function a catalyst for your business success?  Are the results derived by HR delivering what your organization needs now and scalable to what you will require in the future?

Fractional Executive

Is the calendar outpacing your ability to deliver critical business objectives and your existing talent doesn’t have the capacity or capability to make it happen?  Can your very solid but emerging team use an infusion of experience to help make the sprint within the marathon a success?

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